Annie & Bear

I met Amanda when I was paired with Bear, a rescue black lab puppy who was doing a board and train with Amanda while she was employed by a different service dog organization. I’ve had the great privilege and pleasure of working closely with Amanda to continue Bear’s training for over nine months. She laid down all the foundational skills for Bear, turning a surrendered 6-month-old puppy with no training or house rules into my best friend and loyal companion. Amanda has an immense knowledge of dogs and dog training. Her obvious passion for all things canine and her drive to continue learning every day come through each time I meet with her. These traits make Amanda an incredible resource as a dog trainer as well as a joy to work with. She has provided me with a wealth of information on canine behaviour and training, as well as how to groom and care for my dog and lessons on pet nutrition. On top of all the training work we have done together, including public access workshops and task training, she has even taught me how to cut Bear’s nails myself! Amanda always remains so positive and encouraging. Her kindness, perseverance, and experience have kept me grounded and optimistic during periods of difficulty in Bear’s training. Her willingness to share her own experience as a service dog handler has been invaluable to me; it is clear she understands how it is to deal with disability daily, allowing her to bring an immense amount of compassion and accommodation to her work. Amanda has offered me an incredible level of support through this process. I cannot sing enough praises about Amanda and how her work with Bear and myself have changed my life in just a few months. Her initial training of Bear and her commitment to Bear’s and my success together as a team have helped me grow and achieve many of my personal dreams. Even after Bear and I graduating her program, Amanda went above and beyond with her continued commitment to ensure our success with BC’s provincial service dog certification test. I know that with Amanda’s help, Bear and I can conquer any obstacle we face! I am so honoured to be able to work with Amanda and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for assistance with service dog training. She is sure to deliver a high-quality service with kindness and compassion and will be wonderful company for you and your dog on the road to success. -Annie & Bear

annie mcgillivray and service dog
sunny and service dog

Sunny & Yasha

I started working with Amanda at a very difficult time in my life, and getting a service dog was a little bit of a last option. Amanda helped me get the necessary knowledge and recourses to get Yasha, such as helping contact and set up a meeting with the breeder. She also helped me prepare for a puppy and helped prepare for having a puppy that will be a service dog vs just having a normal puppy that will be a pet. I would honestly not have been able to have Yasha without Amanda, she is always so patient will all the questions I had, and continue to have. Amanda has also helped educate me on the best food for Yasha, and when some health problems came up she gave me her advice and support even while Yasha was on rest for months at a time. I had never had a dog before, so getting Yasha was an extra stressor in my life, but Amanda helped encourage and continued to support me every step of the way. I highly recommend Amanda and her services, not only is she very knowledgeable about the training of service dogs but also about the grooming and health needs of dogs. Amanda is also very accommodating, understanding the struggles that come along with training a service dog while being disabled. Having Yasha has truly changed my life, I can do things I could have never done before, and have far more confidence and independence. I am confident that Yasha would not have been anywhere as successful without Amanda and her knowledge and continued support. -Sunny & Yasha

Natalia & Kida

I first met Amanda when she was a service dog trainer at Working Paws, and loved her hands-on approach to training and the way she adapted her teaching to accommodate every handlers’ disabilities. Amanda’s training includes the dog’s handler every step of the way. My dog Kida and I would not be the team we are today without her guidance. Public access is a big focus of service dog training. As a trainer, Amanda maintains high standards for public access, socializes dogs with many different types of people and environments, and works patiently and compassionately to overcome fear behaviours. Amanda helps prepare service dogs for all areas of life, in and out of vest. She spent personalized one-on-one sessions with us to teach Kida how to play confidently with other dogs, hike off-leash, and even learn how to swim. This attention to everyday life was so important to me and showed me Amanda’s care for clients and her investment in the success of every team in the program. Amanda’s knowledge of canine health and nutrition helped us transition to food that was much healthier for Kida, which eliminated a big health issue that she was experiencing. Having a service dog has changed my life for the better and given me independence. Amanda is a kind and observant dog trainer, a clear communicator, and makes every step of service dog training accessible. -Natalia & Kida

natalia and kida service dog