Meet The Team

Amanda Lombardo

member amercian society of canine trainers international

Founder of Canine Partners Canada
Certified service dog trainer, therapy dog trainer, and behaviour modification trainer

Amanda is a service dog trainer and handler with additional expertise in pet nutrition and grooming. Currently, she has certificates in Canine Obedience, Canine Aggression Therapy, Canine Behaviour Therapy, Pet Grooming, and Pet Nutrition. Amanda is eager to keep expanding her education and knowledge of dogs and how we interact with them. She has also worked with a service dog organization, a dog daycare, and other trainers to gain additional hands-on experience. Amanda has trained and assisted with many dogs who are now placed with their handlers and doing amazing work helping their humans live more independent and joyful lives. She has a great deal of experience in accessing the therapeutic* benefit of service dogs. She originally developed this program because of her firsthand experience with having her own service dog. Being a service dog handler herself helps her understand the challenges that handlers go through in their daily lives, like dealing with public access issues, going to medical appointments, exercise difficulties, and beyond. This lived experience helps her best tailor CPC’s program to the needs of every client. Amanda takes pride in her client-centered approach. She approaches each client with calmness, understanding and compassion. Amanda truly puts her heart into her work and looks forward to helping each person on her journey.

*Canine Partners Canada Inc and any of those associated do not make claims to therapeutically benefit individuals or be qualified for such. Anything discussed while working with CPC should be discussed with a health care team before making or starting any changes.

amanda lombardo with her service dog
brittany lombardo with her service dog

Brittany Lombardo

Registered Early Childhood Educator

Brittany Lombardo is a very patient individual that brings a wealth of knowledge to the teaching side of the service dog training industry. Brittany started her career working in co-ops and volunteering with children. In these settings she found herself working with children of various ages and abilities. Later, she studied at Georgian College, Early Childhood Educators program. From here she worked at various daycares and Montessori schools. Advocating and meeting children where they are has become a part of her daily life. She takes pride in her work and is an amazing asset to the service dog community. On the CPC team Brittany helps create lesson plans to engage kids. This includes understanding communication tools, fostering trust and relationships, and encouraging learning – therefore helping children understand how their service dog is here to help them.

Annie McGillivray

Office Administrator & communications

Annie is an amazing individual that brings positivity, understanding, and ease of access to the management and invoicing of CPC. Annie has experience working with people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and learning abilities from their years as a researcher involving human participants at the University of Guelph. They approach administrative work with a great deal of patience and are here to understand any concerns and answer any administrative questions clients may have. Annie originally joined CPC as a client. They have had their service dog, Bear, since 2021. This experience allows Annie to understand and relate to clients on a deeper level. Annie takes great pride in utilizing their skills working for people with service dogs, and is elated to be a part of the CPC team.

annie mcgillivray with her service dog
ada sansolita

Ada Sansolita

Assistant Trainer

Having grown up with many types of dogs and livestock, Ada developed a passion for working with animals. She specifically has a lot of experience working with horses and cattle. For years, Ada volunteered to train and learn about service dogs. From here, she used her knowledge in communication, acceptance, and understanding to work with various individuals in CPC’s classes. Ada can teach any dog how to behave around large animals of various types. She also has additional experience in pet grooming, bringing extra knowledge and expertise to the team. She takes pride in being attentive to clients needs, concerns, hopes, and dreams. With patience and dedication, Ada puts her heart and soul into all that she does.