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How do I get my dog trained as a service dog?
Canine Partners Canada offers service dog training. We offer many levels from a puppy program to a task training program.
What do I need to get my dog trained as a service dog?
In order to start training your dog as a service dog you need a note from one of the listed regulated health professionals and a disability.
Can I train my dog to be a service dog?
Any breed can be trained as a service dog. With Canine Partners Canada we will start with a temperament test this will ensure general suitability for service work.
Is it possible to train my own service dog myself?
Yes, you can train your own service dog. At Canine Partners Canada we offer a owner assisted program. This is where one of our trainers work along side you to help you train your dog to be the best service dog you can be.
What are service dogs trained to do?
Service dogs are trained to mitigate a individuals disability. This can be tasks for autism, mobility work, seizure detection, heart rate detection and more.
Where can I buy a service dog that is already trained?
At Canine Partners Canada we offer trained service dogs. Please contact us for more information.
Where can I get a service dog trained?
Canine Partners Canada offers service dog training, owner asisted training, boarded training and can even supply fully trained service dogs.
How long does it take to train a service dog?
Service dog training can take up to two years.
How much does it cost to train a service dog?
The cost of service dog training varies based on many factors such as your needs and the breed and temperment of the dog. It’s best to contact Canine Partners Canada to receive the most accurate information based on you and your dog’s circumstances.