Owner Assisted Training

In this program, your dog lives in your residence and you train them. We provide aid from a professional trainer, the option to attend training classes with other clients, and private lessons and/or workshops, all with the aim of training your dog to succeed in public access and learn tasks to aid you with your disability.

owner assisted dog training
board and training

Board and Train

In this program, your dog lives with a trainer for a predetermined amount of time, with the goal of training the dog to be successful with public access and learning tasks to help mitigate the handler’s disability.

Temperment Testing

If you have a dog that you want to train as a service dog, we conduct temperament testing to ensure it is both ethical and safe for your dog to work before beginning the training process.

aid in finding a dog

Aid in Finding a Dog

If you do not have a dog or need to find a dog, we will work with you to determine a breed that will best suit your life style, help you find a breeder, and do temperament testing before you bring your dog home and begin the training process.

Behavioural Modification for Pets of Potential Service Dog Homes

Dogs learn a lot from other dogs and this can greatly impact the success of a service dog. We offer behavioural modification with other dogs in the home to increase the likelihood of success for your service dog in training.

Behavioural Modification for Pets of Potential Service Dog Homes