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Welcome To Canine Partners Canada
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Amanda is a certified trainer from American Society of Canine Trainers International
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About Canine Partners Canada

My name is Amanda Lombardo and I am the owner and founder of Canine Partners Canada.

I am a service dog trainer and handler with additional expertise in pet nutrition and grooming. Currently, I have certificates in Canine Obedience, Pet Grooming, and Pet Nutrition. I am always learning more and expanding my education and knowledge of dogs and how we interact with them.

I trained my service dog Valka with Working Paws three years ago. In 2020, I began working with Working Paws as a service dog trainer and I gained even more knowledge and practical experience. I have trained and assisted with many dogs who are now placed with their handlers and doing amazing work helping their humans live more independent and joyful lives.

Being a service dog handler myself helps me understand the challenges that handlers go through in their daily lives, like dealing with public access issues, going to medical appointments, exercise difficulties, and beyond. This lived experience helps me best tailor my program to the needs of each individual. For example, if you struggle with mobility or leaving the house, I am more than willing and able to accommodate your needs to best ensure you and your dog’s success. Clients are always welcome to ask me anything – I am here to make your life better and help you as a handler successfully train and maintain your dog.

Ontario Laws of Service for Dogs

What do I need to qualify for a Service Dog in Ontario?

  1. A disability, as identified by a qualified health professional.
  2. A note from a qualified health professional stating that you need a service dog.

Ontario Service Dog Laws:

None of the above is offerred as legal advice or a substitute for any laws.

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Owner Assisted Training

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Board And Train

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Temperament Testing

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Aid in Finding a Dog

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Behavioural Modification

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