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Amanda Lombardo is a certified trainer from American Society of Canine Trainers International
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About Canine Partners Canada Inc

At Canine Partners Canada, we have developed a unique program to help provide not only the training of service dogs, but also the therapeutic* aspect of training itself. We help individuals create schedules, exposure to new environments, community, and friendship. We ensure to encourage a safe environment to learn and explore ourselves and our dogs while maintaining a client-centered approach. We believe this is your service dog and you know what you need best. This ideology helps us guide and teach people how to work with their service dog to get the greatest benefit. Our training program takes an emotional- and relationship-based approach to dog training. The dog and handler team’s mental and physical well being is considered with the upmost care. We take pride in creating well rounded and stable service dogs. To foster this, an intensive, all inclusive training program is in place – from temperament testing to early puppy socialization in many environments, all the way to adult task training. There are many options for our program, as every dog is unique and has their own unique strengths. We base our training on each individual’s progress in all our programs: owner assisted, board and train, or partially- or fully-trained program dogs. If you are interested in working with us, don’t hesitate to reach out, as we would love to tailor a program to best support your needs!

*Canine Partners Canada Inc and any of those associated do not make claims to therapeutically benefit individuals or be qualified for such. Anything discussed while working with CPC should be discussed with a healthcare team before making or starting any changes.

Ontario Laws of Service for Dogs

What do I need to qualify for a Service Dog in Ontario?

  1. A disability, as identified by a qualified health professional.
  2. A note from a qualified health professional stating that you need a service dog.

Ontario Service Dog Laws:

None of the above is offerred as legal advice or a substitute for any laws.

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Owner Assisted Training

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Board And Train

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Temperament Testing

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Aid in Finding a Dog

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Behavioural Modification

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